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About the clinic

Saam acupuncture developed one of the well-known doctor of tradition oriental medicine, Master Saam, in Chosun dynasty approximately 400 years go. Master Saam was a monk and as all high monks of the time, Saam did not reveal his identity. The only facts we know are that he lived in a stone cave and treated many people. After years of meditation in a cave brought him an enlight and he discovered the essence of the five phase acupuncture. The only remaining manuscript about his original acupuncture concept was published between 1644 and 1742. 

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The fourth great grandfather obtained one of the manuscript and exclusively passed down within his family. Master Worlo could build own unique style of acupuncture as Worlo Saam Acupuncture due to thorough understanding of Saam acupuncture and numerous of clinical experience.


At Worlo Acupuncture Clinic, our practitioners are utilized only Worlo Saam style acupuncture which is inherited and further developed in Master Worlo’s family in Korea over the five generations. Although Worlo Saam acupuncture utilize the common acupuncture points, the sophiscated formulae of point deliver the magical difference. Because of the efficacy of Worlo Acupuncture, lot’s of Oriental Medicine doctors in Korea learn and practice in everyday clinic.  

“虛卽補, 實卽瀉, 寒卽熱, 熱卽寒”


The fundamental idea of Saam acupuncture is that tonify the deficiency, reduce the excessive, warming the cold, and cooling the hot. Deficiency, excessive, cold, and hot denotes the status of Qi and Blood, which in turn relate to certain organs, meridians and aspects of the body. By this idea, the basic strategies of treating health conditions with Saam acupuncture is to harmonize an internal imbalance. Therefore, we may help you even if you have difficult case. 

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